Focusing on Health This Month

Mobile Health Teams are bringing care to nomadic Ethiopians thanks to UNICEF.

“My child became healthy and is now full of joy,” said Ms. Ali Hared. She was herself treated for anaemia and headaches. “I received iron tablets, and I have stopped feeling faint. I got painkillers and I am now fine and strong and can work well. They treated me very well.”

Without a doubt  UNICEF’s help saved many more children’s lives that would have been at risk.

UNICEF urges protection for urban children in Mexico.

I’m glad the millions of children that were originally excluded can have the same rights as child in the world due to this organization. Slowly the children are getting a right to pursue an education that can eventually better the future of Mexico.

“We must make our cities fit for children, and in doing so, make them better places for all.” – Executive Director Anthony Lake

Book Sale!

Recently our club had a book sale for UNICEF outside a local restaurant this past weekend. We were lucky enough to sell some gently used books and reciveve some generous donations. Two out of the three days we were struck with some bad luck and the weather was not that great but we all stuck through it as a group. In total we raised about $170.00 which we will donate to the UNICEF Tap Project, just in time for world water day!