Shraddha Write-up



Shraddha Charitable Trust is a workshop devoted to helping the autistic and mentally challenged young adults. Autism is a disorder of the brain that causes lifelong development disability affecting their communication & social abilities thus these challenged people lead their whole life dependent on others.


Shraddha, is a pioneering  non-profit NGO for the autistic young adults. It was started 14 years ago in a small garage with a strength of only 9 employees. Today Shraddha has grown by accommodating around 45 such special adults and is housed in theMahalaximiMunicipalSchoolBuilding.


At Shraddha,  young adults with autism and developmental delay are encouraged and assisted to take small steps towards independence and self-sufficiency. With the help of our special educators and caring volunteers their latent potential is explored and they create a wide range of artistic and environment- friendly lifestyle products, which are sold  and the proceeds, go towards their monthly remuneration


The nature of these activities and the working environment opens up possibilities of developing special skills and social interaction, which are the biggest challenges faced by these youngsters. The sense of accomplishment and achievement in creating the products, which have been very well received, goes a long way in encouraging them to live their lives with a smile, which in turn brightens up the lives of all those connected with them.


Most of our products are eco friendly and they include various types of gift bags made from recycled paper, raw silk/jute/canvas/denim bags, mobile covers, bamboo agarbatti holders, lantern bags, floating lotus, rangolis in various sizes, decorated gift boxes, eco friendly, biodegradable, microwaveable patravali plates/bowls which are internationally appreciated, etc. We have recently started a new range for children (fancy paper bags, boxes, cards, envelopes).


We, at Shraddha, have been successful in keeping our special young adults gainfully occupied and have ensured that every special employee at Shraddha leads a life of dignity.


We are registered with the Charity Commissioner and  with Income Tax under 80-G (exemption of tax).


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