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A life for a young girl facing harsh realities like these …

Having to drop out of school
When parents are not able to afford education for both their son and their daughter, too often the daughter suffers and has to give up her educational aspirations. Even if education is affordable, parents often see more value in their daughters working than staying in school.

Being forced into an early marriage
The Highs and Lows for Girls in Nepal

Since she is not able to pursue education and cannot develop valuable skills for life, she has to rely on her husband for her general well-being.

Becoming a mother at a very young age
When married at a young age, she will become a mother at a time when she should be maturing physically and emotionally.

Now imagine …
If instead of those sad realities, what if this very same girl was given the chance to stay in school, provided regular medical care, kept safe from the dangers of exploitation, and encouraged to pursue her dreams …

What kind of changes could we see in her, her community, her nation and our world?