My thoughts on the house sparrow

I see sparrows every day. Some people are just blindly mouthing what they’ve heard from others instead of looking themselves. Certainly sparrows are not seen as much in the places we used to see them and I think there are several reasons, the main one being the changing shape and complexion of our towns and cities leading to fewer nesting sites and less cover/refuge. Even the type of garden we maintain makes a difference, a densely hedged garden is much better than manicured lawns with seasonal plants. I do not favour the mobile tower hypothesis much to be honest. Sparrows tend to eat wheat as well as grass seeds and are less interested in bajra. Having said that, i don’t think that food is a major issue and I do NOT recommend feeding sparrows or any kind of wild birds as a general rule. Feeding birds can actually be counterproductive and tends to encourage species which are already very successful to the detriment of struggling species.
A person told me the other day that he had not seen a sparrow for 10 years. On further questioning it turned out that the person could not even correctly distinguish the house sparrow from other species!!!
Knowledge and first-hand observation are very important, I sincerely hope this project turns out to be effective.